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Building Leaders
Boyd Hamlin Building Leaders

Building everyday leaders who choose to live with intentionality from the boardroom to the custodian’s closet, from the locker room to the classroom, have the opportunity to change the world. A leader isn’t defined by the title they have, but by the life they lead. “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” Let me walk with you on your journey to becoming a person of influence.

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Building the Kingdom
Building the Kingdom

Boyd has invested twenty years as a youth minister and ten years as a church planter and, currently, an Executive Director on the John Maxwell Team and Program Contributor for VOLTAcoach.com.  Whether you are church group, school, company, profit, non-profit organization, he can help you grow from where you are to where you want to be.

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VOLTA Sports and Leadership Development Group

Connecting, Inspiring, Equipping, Propelling

The VOLTA Mission is focused on Connecting, Inspiring, Equipping and Propelling individuals and teams to take action TODAY.

Connecting is all about communication.  Are you connecting with those you encounter in a real and meaningful way?
Inspiring is all about motivation.  Do you understand what motivates you and how to motivate others?
Equipping is all about providing value to others.  Are you empowering those around you to achieve their greatest ambitions?
Propelling is all about having a growth mindset.  Are you aware of your blind spots where the greatest potential for growth quietly sits?

Making the decision TODAY to live a life that MATTERS is the key to achieving your PEAK PERFORMACE in today’s competitive environment.


What People are Saying

“There is hardly a more passionate speaker on the planet than Boyd Hamlin.”- Scot Schlotfelt, Managing Director, Commercial Oklahoma
Boyd Hamlin is a phenomenal man that will inspire, lead, teach and invest in what ever he does. He has very high ethical standards and is a man of integrity. I would highly recommend Boyd for what ever area you need him for. - Billy Simpson, PSA
“Boyd is an excellent instructor/facilitator who will help you strengthen your leadership team”- Department of Student Transportation, Rio Rancho, NM
“If you have yet to hear Boyd speak, do so! Once you’ve experienced Boyd from stage, you’ll clearly see his gifts as an amazing teacher and inspiring story teller.”- Eric Tonningsen, erictonningsen.com
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